Reasons For The Success

  • Right from the beginning, learners have a book at hand which they can quickly make their own

  • They take charge of their learning by setting their own pace in mastering each page and by testing themselves at every stage

  • They focus on the 850 to 1000 most widely - useful words in English. These have the power to define other words so another 20,000 words can be understood

  • They develop a command of a World English, now the common language of over 2.2 billion persons

  • World English provides a base for entry into all other forms of English (English for schools and universities; spoken English for other cultures; English for science and technology; English for the workplace; English as a foreign language; All those diverse settings where a command of English is essential)

  • Learners can attain mastery of World English on their own while moving at the same time into other forms of English